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Safe City

21 August, 2013

Construction Contracting

31 March, 2013

G.M. Security

28 February, 2013

G.M.Security, the supplier of sophisticated electronic fencing for perimeter protection, joined the group. The technology that G.M. has developed is one of the most reliable systems of its kind, and gained the approval of concerned authorities.

AFCON Holdings Ltd

21 June, 2011

The name of the company is changed to AFCON Holdings Ltd.
This step comes to emphasize the management decision to expand our activities into areas beyond our traditional industrial market. New activities that were added so far are in the area of green energy (wind energy, PV and microturbines) and telecommunications (telephony, VOIP,specialty cabling and more).

Tadiran Telecom joins the AFCON group

24 March, 2011

Tadrian Telecom, the manufacturer of IP PBXs, Softswitches & Contact Centers, joined the AFCON group. This step is part of the AFCON strategy to expand its activities in the telecommunicatons market. Having both the manufacturer, and the system integrator (Tadiran Services) under the same umbrella ensures prompt and efficient delivery of service to the wide range of customers, and provides access to established Tadiran markets in over 40 countries.

AFCON Communications

24 February, 2011

A new activity is added to the group, with the name AFCON Communications to handle communication infrastructure components from NEC. The porfolio includes microwave systems, fiber optic cabling for underwater installation and specialty solutions for active networking components.

AFCON is Capstone distributor in Israel

10 January, 2011

Jan 2011- AFCON Industries signed an agreement to become a distributor of Capstone Microturbines. AFCON has the honor of adding this activity to its portfolio, where applications concerning both electrical installations and natural gas know-how are required for this developing market. Capstone is a world leader in providing microturbine solutions. AFCON continues to expand its activity in Green Energy segment.

New home for AFCON Headquarters

22 November, 2009

AFCON is moving its offices to a newer and larger building. From Nov 22, 2009, we will be operating from our new address. The new building is located in the Segula Industrial Zone. The new address is Hatavor 4, Petach Tikva, 49691, ISRAEL. For arriving instructions see the Contact Us tab.

Security for Atidim Park

5 January, 2009

AFCON Control & Autoamtion Ltd, a member fo the AFCON Industries, won a large project for the security and Parking system at Atidim Industrial Park. AFCON has unique solutions for the integration of the wide variety of sub-systems required in this project.

Tadiran Telecom Services is member of AFCON

22 December, 2008

AFCON Industries acquired today the company Tadiran Telecom Services in a step to expand the activities of the group into the area of communication. Tadiran Telecom Services provides products & services in the areas of telephony, IP telephony, Call Centers and Integrated Communication Solutions.

Refrigeration System

15 December, 2008

EREZ Refrigeration Systems, a subsidiary of AFCON Industries, won a large project for industrial refrigeration in a plant in the south of Israel

Jerusalem Light Rail Security

1 December, 2008

AFCON Control & Automation, a subsiduary of AFCON Industries, won a large project for the supply of the security system for the Jerusalem Light Rail Transport system.

Two seminars in Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva

3 July, 2008

In April-June 2008 AFCON Industries Group held two seminars in Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva to update our customer base on technological innovations, and new areas of activities handled by the group.

Natural Gas Conversion Project

28 April, 2008

AFCON Industries signed a contract with ICL for the conversion to natural gas for a large number of equipment in five plant locations, in Mishor Rotem, and in the Dead Sea. The equipment to be converted ocvers a variety of industrial boilers and dryers.

Natural Gas Distribution Project

7 April, 2008

AFCON Industries won a large project for the production and delivery of Natural Gas distribution systems to multiple plants of ICL. The distribution skids include a variety of applications including metering, filtering and pressure reduction equipment. With this, AFCON is expanding its activity of high pressure PRMS systems to provide low pressure solutions as well.

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